Your answer to the new lease accounting standards

A welcome cure to compliance nightmares

Businesses are faced with the ever-growing demand for administration and compliance around the new lease accounting standard, making it impossible for teams to manage its complexities and process.

A New [Re]Lease on Life

If you’re looking to automate and simplify your lease accounting processes without breaking crippling your bottom line, Biconix’s ReLease Solution helps both large enterprises and mid-sized companies get a handle on regulatory compliance.

  • Built on Power
    ReLease is built on one of the most powerful platforms in the world - IBM’s Planning analytics.
  • Guided by industry-leaders
    Built under the watchful eye of leading accounting firms.
  • Competitive Pricing
    Our software is priced to meet the budget of small and large companies alike.
  • Speedy Implementation
    Biconix’s teams of helpful experts will have your ReLease application up and running within days.

Absolute control of your Portfolio

Biconix’s ReLease will help your business harness accurate data and efficient, transparent control across your entire portfolio. ReLease can also be integrated with external accounting software.