A master budget planning application

Combatting the high expectations of your finance team

In a remote working environment and rapidly changing landscape, it has become increasingly difficult to create a uniform information base. Finance departments are expected to anticipate and respond to competition and changing markets - fast. It has never been more important to run your company based on one single corporate truth.

Your Backbone to Budgeting

With SenseI Planning, your finance team will save time, eliminate mistakes and respond faster to changing conditions. By basing your budget plan on real data and creating multiple versions and scenarios with a rolling forecast, you’ll be able to unlock opportunities and improvements that give you that competitive edge.

A Robust Application for Enterprise Planning

  • Plug & Plan
    The application has been pre-defined and pre-built for ease of use but agile enough to be customized to your specific needs. All scenarios and features have been modeled to address your pain points, needs and forecasting requirements.
  • Dependable Analytics
    With real-time, what-if and root-cause analysis at your fingertips, you’ll not only see the “what” in your data but the more important “why”.
  • Best-Practice Knowledge
    Sensei was built on 25+ of best-practice knowledge by our teams of analysts, economists and accountants enabling zero-based budgeting as well as year-to-year rollover methodologies.
  • Driver-based Budgeting
    Sensei provides clear visibility into all the on-the-ground components of your budget and the full ripple effect of upcoming costs.

Technology Backed by Experts

Our clients use Sensei Planning for their budget planning not only because the technology is an industry leader but because it’s supported by an existing team of experts ready to support your needs and develop agile, flexible customization based on your unique requirements.

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