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Don't just do things smarter… do smarter things!

Performance management will positively impact every area of your business. Biconix will develop planning, analysis, forecasting and reporting solutions that enable you to work smarter today, so smarter things can be developed - opening the door to a world of new opportunities. We offer a comprehensive set of solutions using robust and reliable information, enabling your entire organization to make better decisions. Better information, better planning and better decisions lead to better performance and results in every area.

A Single Corporate Truth  

Create a uniform information base. Enable all corporate units to align and make enhanced decisions based on one set of data instead of thousands of spreadsheets


Real time decision making

Anticipate and respond to changing conditions as they happen. Make timely decision that preserve your competitive edge.


Organizational Collaboration

Implement whole company processes and improvements. Foster knowledge sharing to create new business insights and opportunities


Advanced Reporting Interfaces

Create compelling visual data. Enable all employees to understand and feel part of your business processes


Multiple simulations

Improve decision making processes using detailed what-if simulations based on real time business information


Powerful Technology Engine

Cut the time needed to understand problems and make the best decision with a powerful technology engine

Choose Your Biconix Solution:

Budget Planning
Base your budget plan on real data. Create multiple versions and scenarios with a rolling forecast . Save time, eliminate mistakes and respond faster to changing conditions.
Profit Analysis
Quickly and easily analyze every activity, department, service or product. Understand how changes really affect profitability at every level of the organization by examining it from different perspectives.
Establish an extensive and accurate costing system that considers all business drivers. Use a variety of pricing methods to determine profitability
Cash Flow Projection
Implement a highly accurate cash flow system based on real time information for better control of inflow and expenditures in the short, medium and long term.
KPI Planning and Management
Establish smart goals and KPI's based on current corporate information and relevant trends. Follow them up with in real time measurement, accountability, reliability and performance
Rolling Forecast
Develop smarter business processes and improve them as you move forward using current and updated insights about corporate and market activities.
Incentives and Compensation Planning and Management
Establish a progressive system of incentives and benefits based on corporate goals and the overall sales plan, to save time and avoid mistakes.
Sales Forecasting
Make precise projections, using advanced tools that will enable you to obtain current information from every department. Achieve your targets every quarter.
Territory and Quota Planning
Plan your sales objectives and update this information and its distribution in real time. Enhance your management processes and ensure optimized compatibility with the sales plan.
Project Planning
Manage your processes and projects while optimizing corporate resources. Update projects based on current information. Understand their overall impact on corporate performance, resources and profitability.
Human Resources Planning
Improve your company-wide human resource planning processes. Do you have room to grow, are you employing the right people, do skills match projects? Understand compatibility rates, demand and the expense involved
Demand Planning and Forecasting
Improve your corporate revenues and cut costs by creating accurate projections based on forecasts that integrate statistical analysis of historical demand trends, changing factors and current information from across the organization.
Financial  Consolidation
Quickly and easily consolidate financial statements, , to present accurate risk free periodic reports that comply with company and regulatory requirements
Strategic Planning
Formulate detailed strategic plans that will allow you to achieve your long-term goals by examining how the decisions you make today will impact your future business.
Campaign Optimization
Maximize income by weighing all the business limitations and changes while gaining the most from every client.
Risk Analysis and Management
Make precise business decisions to maximize your company’s potential after understanding the risk factors by Identifying, calculating and managing them.
Inventory Planning and Management
Upgrade your inventory planning and management processes to ensure that you have enough inventory, when and where you need it, without overspending.
Tax Planning and Reporting
Simplify tax planning and reporting processes while complying with your corporate goals, budgets and timelines
Fixed Assets Planning
Promotional Planning
Risk Pricing & Premium model
Construction Project Planning and Management
Pricing Management
Liquidity Management

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